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Alimony is a financial commitment available to either party in a divorce proceeding. The basis for awarding alimony is not to punish a guilty spouse but to continue a duty to support the other. It is more common to be a factor when one spouse is working and one is home with the children however, neither party is absolutely entitled to receive alimony.

Judges will award alimony based on the following considerations: the length of the marriage, the causes for the divorce, the age, health, station, occupation, amount and sources of income, earning capacity, vocational skills, education, employability, estate and needs of each of the parties, and the nature of the property awarded to each party by the court. When children are involved, the court will also consider the desirability of the custodial parent's securing employment.

The options for alimony are: (1) none, (2) $1.00 per year, (3) lump-sum alimony or (4) periodic alimony. If the divorce judgment provides for $1.00 per year, it give the party an option to file for a different amount in the future. additionally, there is something called rehabilitative alimony. This is temporary financial support awarded to one of the spouses during a period of education or training necessary to achieve self-sufficiency or to make up for time that the spouse has been out of the workplace. Lifetime alimony is available in the state of Connecticut.

Alimony is tax deductible to the party who pays it, thus it shifts the tax burden to the other spouse who may be in a lower tax bracket. Alimony is therefore an important consideration financial to both individuals.

Understanding you and your spouses complete financial history before and after the divorce was filed is incredibly important while all considering financial formulas. It is necessary to have your attorney request, demand and interpret financial records and account such that you receive that appropriate future financial support. Sol's financial background and analysis skills provide for strong representation. Another hot button, a strong persistent advocate is imperative for success.

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