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What Is a Collaborative Divorce?

A collaborative divorce is the legal process enabling couples who have decided to end their marriage to work with lawyers from both parties and on occasion other family professionals in order to avoid the uncertain outcome of court and achieve a settlement that best meets the needs of both parties. All of the people involved commit themselves to achieving a mutually negotiated outcome without the need for litigation.

Collaborative divorce is still a process, but unlike traditional divorce, the process is a mutually respectful, open-minded process that focuses on joint problem solving. The goal (and key difference between a traditional divorce and a collaborative one) with collaborative divorce is to reach an agreement without going to Court.

Collaborative divorce is also a group effort. Rather than going through the divorce process alone or with just one attorney, collaborative divorce offers couples numerous types of professionals to help guide them through divorce. This results in both parties having more access to information, added assistance from experts and more mutually beneficial solutions.

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