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Trial Separation

Couples who have become unhappy with their marriage but aren’t ready to take the permanent step of divorce have the option of entering into a legal or trial separation.  Time away from marriage and your spouse can help you realize that being single again is just a fantasy of yours and not something you truly want.

A trial separation is an informal agreement between two spouses allowing them to remain married while living apart.  There are no legal agreements, lawyers or judges involved.  While couples that decide to enter into a legal separation, use a family court attorney to draw up a legal separation agreement.  The agreement will outline issues such as who pays the bills, child custody and the duration of the separation.

Trial Separation Pros:  A Trial Separation gives you a cooling off period where you and your spouse can work through any negative emotions you feel about each other and your marriage.  There is no legal agreement, so you will not have to spend money on an attorney to handle any legal issues.  You also have the time to do some soul searching and understand how you may have played a role in your marital problems.

Trial Separation Cons:  Any and all financial obligations stay as they are during the time of the trial separation.  For example; if your spouse goes out and buys a brand new $100,000 car during the trial separation, that debt will be considered marital debt should you decide to divorce.  Since you and your spouse are still sharing the bills, you may not get the full experience of what it would be like to live off of a one-person income.  

Time apart can help calm emotions that have been brought out overtime from stresses in the marriage and help you and your spouse reach a decision that you are both happy with.

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