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Real Estate Time Line

*    Purchase and Sale binder prepared by realtor and signed by buyer and sent to Seller's Realtor along with check for one percent
*    Offer accepted by seller by signing and returning binder to Buyer's Realtor
*    Buyer orders inspection
*    Negotiate inspection issues
*    Seller's Attorney prepares contract and Buyer signs contract and remits remainder of deposit
*    Seller signs contract and returns to Buyer's attorney
*    Buyers attorney performs title and municipal searches
*    Buyer works with lender to receives mortgage
*    Schedule closing
*    Seller's attorney obtains payoffs and prepares the closing documents including the deed
*    Buyer's attorney works with the lender to schedule closing and make sure the bank documents and the money will be there on the closing day
*    Schedule closing with all parties including Seller's attorney and the bank
*    Closing day
*    Buyer does walk through and them goes to attorney's office to sign bank documents
*    Seller signs closing documents with attorney
*    Money and documents are exchanged
*    Buyer's attorney records new deed and mortgage at the town clerk's office.
*    Buyer moves into new home and Seller receives proceeds from the sale

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