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A motion for relocation occurs when one party requests to leave the area, state or even the country with the children. The best interests of the child is the main consideration among many others when a court decides a motion for relocation. Relocation is an issue that can rise during a divorce or post divorce.

The court systems have seen a tremendous increase in the number of relocation cases being brought to litigation throughout the country. A court’s decision in these cases can create a turning point in the life of the children caught in the middle of a relocation action and raises some of the most difficult legal, psychological and emotional issues facing the families and the legal system today. There are a number of factors that the system must balance, among other things, the custodial and noncustodial parent's rights to regular and consistent parenting against the main consideration of what is in the best interests of the children.

Complex to the core, whether the court permits or restricts the custodial parent's relocation efforts, the future of the child will be set forever in motion. The child's emotional, psychological, physical, educational, financial well-being will all be permanently affected by the scope of the court's decision. It is a tremendous burden for the courts and one that requires a skilled and thorough advocate. Sol Mahoney has a tremendous amount of experience dealing with Relocation matters and this experience brings with it a priceless knowledge.

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