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Mediation offers a divorcing couple the setting where they can come to an agreement that is beneficial to all the parties affected by the divorce.  Mediation is intended to seek resolutions with the future of the parties in mind rather than dwelling on the pain of the past.  In order to promote a successful mediation, Attorney Mahoney will explain the framework and rules of engagement so that each party may be heard on all issues and the communication is done in a respectful manner.  Attorney Mahoney has a set system whereby each session is organized and planned as the parties work together towards divorcing.  Although every session is different and there are some necessary hurdles and detours to address, Attorney Mahoney will keep the dialogue focused on achieving the objectives.  Some examples of goals of the mediation include:

  1.  Preparing a visitation and custody agreement regarding the children. The children will not be involved in this process and adult matters will not be discussed with the children.  The impact on the children is to be minimized as best as is humanly possible.
  2. The children will be encouraged to maintain and develop their relationship with each parent and the parents should foster said relationships between child and parent. The children will also maintain their relationships with extended families.
  3. There must be full disclosure of all assets, liabilities, and all other financial matters and both parties will be required to sign their respective financial affidavits.
  4. The parties will reach an agreement and a Separation Agreement will be drafted memorializing the equitable division of assets and allocation of support payments if applicable.
  5. The communication between the parties will be open and direct and processes will be put in place with respect to future communications including any communications regarding the children if applicable.
  6. Once the terms of the agreement are agreed to, the parties will agree that there will not be any resentments regarding the agreement post-divorce.

Attorney Mahoney also recommends to the mediating couple that a third party therapist be involved in the process.  Although Attorney Mahoney has many years of experience and has “seen it all” there is an undeniable skill set that a therapist and/or mental health professional brings to the table.  A therapist’s involvement can be invaluable in getting to the roots of issues and helping to more clearly identify solutions that may resolve the “real” issue at hand.  This allows the process to be less confrontational,  less stressful, more efficient, and less costly.

In the cases where there are children involved, after the divorce, there will be graduations, holidays, weddings, funerals, great times, and trying times.  A successful mediation will allow your family unit (although it is in a different form because mom and dad are divorced) to stay intact and enjoy, as well as survive, this thing we call life….together

Sol Mahoney is one of the top attorney’s in town in my book. Professional. Thorough. Consistently reachable. Responsive. I don’t need to ever call anyone else for my legal representation. 


Sol was great. My wife and I were amicable but the divorce process was a challenge and we all had our lousy moments. Sol always remained steadfast and a great soundboard throughout the entire process. His professionalism was exemplary and I hold him in high regard. 


The best thing about Sol Mahoney is that he is a father and he gets it. He genuinely cared for my family and was always very compassionate and honest with us throughout this challenging process. We fought for my children’s rights together. I am eternally grateful for the outcome he was able to secure for our family and I truly believe he was just as invested as if it was his own family.