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The discovery of hidden assets is one of Sol’s strongest litigation abilities. He is clever in the courtroom and during cross-examination of my then spouse, he was able to unveil the tangled trail of hidden money and bank accounts. Sol’s financial background combined with his relentless pursuit for fairness provided me with the equitable division of assets that I was looking for. L.W.

When I retained Sol I was scared and emotionally distraught about my divorce. Sol helped me gain my composure by first listening to the issues surrounding my children and me. Sol educated me about the divorce process and we then developed a strategy that resulted in a very favorable agreement for me and my children. L.V.

I hired Sol to help me get more parenting time with my son. The other side had indulged in a nasty pattern of lying to anyone who would listen. Sol immediately saw through the indulgences and filed the appropriate motions with the court. Due to Sol’s guidance and know-how, I received all of the parenting time I requested. A.C.

The strange thing about my divorce was that sometimes it was very amicable and sometimes it was hideously tense and volatile. What was so perfect about my attorney was that he thrived on my behalf in either environment. I never felt compromised. He was tough and persistent when I needed to fight and conciliatory when it was appropriate and important. I couldn’t have asked for a more well-rounded attorney because in my case, I needed him to be able to be both. N.D.

My ex-husband hid money, assets, and was dishonest about everything he could be when it came to the financial part of my divorce. I had heard that Sol was persistent and dogmatic when it came to uncovering the secret life of a divorcing man’s bank accounts. My boys and I would never ever be taken care of the way we are if it had not been for his persistence. He never backed down. I absolutely hired the right attorney and I would recommend him to anyone. E.S.S.

Sol was great. My wife and I were amicable but the divorce process was a challenge and we all had our lousy moments. Sol always remained steadfast and a great soundboard throughout the entire process. His professionalism was exemplary and I hold him in high regard. J.G.

Sol is an excellent communicator. My two biggest fears were not understanding the process and not being able to afford the endless billed hours. Sol guided me and educated me the whole way. He would always take the extra time to explain each term and each possibility and each repercussion. It allowed all my decisions to be so very solid as I truly felt a part of the process. He also worked with me to allow my case to be billed as efficiently as possible. Though it was one of the most challenging times in my life, I am grateful for his professionalism and I would highly recommend him as a divorce attorney. Name withheld

My modification was nerve-racking even though my ex-husband and I consider ourselves good friends. Financial matters are always a bit uncomfortable. Sol made is easy, pleasant, and professional. He was always very responsive whether via email or phone and I felt I was always a priority. I will use him again should the need arise. And I would happily recommend him. R.B.

The best thing about Sol Mahoney is that he is a father and he gets it. He genuinely cared for my family and was always very compassionate and honest with us throughout this challenging process. We fought for my children’s rights together. I am eternally grateful for the outcome he was able to secure for our family and I truly believe he was just as invested as if it was his own family. K.H.

Attorney Mahoney is an excellent and highly ethical lawyer, who provides excellent client advice and works tirelessly to obtain the best results for his clients. He is highly recommended as an attorney in for real estate and divorce. J.N.

I have known Sol for many years. He is a trusted colleague who complements his experience in real estate law with a wonderful personal touch, and a savvy ability to resolve legal problems in practical ways. J.R.

Not only do I refer all real estate clients to Attorney Mahoney – I personally have used him for all of my real estate matters. B.D.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Attorney Mahoney for over 25 years. His integrity, commitment, and dedication to his clients are second to none. We have worked on several matters together over the years and on each occasion, we resolved our matters efficiently and effectively on behalf of our respective clients. I would highly recommend Attorney Mahoney to anyone seeking quality and effective legal representation. J.M.

Sol Mahoney is one of the top attorneys in town in my book. Professional. Thorough. Consistently reachable. Responsive. Don’t need to ever call anyone else for my legal representation. T.Z.

I refer all of my clients to Sol. He has never disappointed, and believe me, I have thrown him some doozies. He is always responsive and as competent as they come. Great lawyer! K.T.